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WHEN THE RIVER MEETS THE SEA (Paul H. Williams (m & l) 1977) Lyrics as released by John Denver 1979 ‘A Christmas Together’ When the mountain touches the valley All the clouds are taught to fly As our souls will leave this land most peacefully Though our minds be filled with questions. In our hearts we'll understand When the river meets the sea Like a flower that has blossomed In the dry and barren sand. We are born and born again most gracefully Thus the winds of time will take us With a sure and steady hand When the river meets the sea. Patience my brother and patience my son In that sweet and final hour Truth and justice will be done. Like a baby when it is sleeping In its loving mother's arms What a newborn baby dreams is a mystery. But his life will find a purpose And in time he'll understand When the river meets the sea When the river meets the almighty sea. NOTES: This song/lyric can be found in Jim Henson’s Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, a TV adaptation of a 1969 book by the same name. HBO/CBC production premiered Dec 1978. Williams was asked to write some original songs for this adaptation and this is one of them. John Denver, an American, wrote 300 songs, among them the notable ‘Calypso’ (1975), an ode to ocean exploration and Jacques Cousteau. (Transcribed by David Story - January 2014)


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