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WHEN THE TWILIGHT COMES TO KISS THE ROSE "GOOD-NIGHT" (Words by Robert F. Roden / Music by Henry W. Petrie, 1912) Near a rose bush down in Dixie I am dreaming, the leaves of time I'm turning over and over, and I see you once again with fond eyes gleaming, while the nightingale sings love's sweet song, Lenore, my lost Lenore, The twilight comes to kiss the rose "Good-Night!" dear, as in the golden days of "Auld Lang Syne," and it seems to me I see love's tender light, dear, in the Southern eyes that once were mine, all mine! Tho' the garden is deserted now, my dearie, the rose bush blooms as in the days of yore, tho' to me the wide, wide world seems mighty dreary, my fond heart still holds the old love, sweet Lenore, my lost Lenore, I wonder if the love that was denied me, still guides your footsteps thro' the world a right, or if sometimes, dear, you long to be beside me, when the twilight comes to kiss the rose "Goodnight!" When the twilight comes to kiss the rose "Goodnight!" and the stars, like jewels, gleam with silvry light, I can see the love light shine, once again you're mine all mine, when the twilight comes to kiss the rose "Goodnight!"


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