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WHEN YOU'RE ALONE Brendan O'Loughlin Brendan O'Loughlin Tell me where you go when you are dreaming Tell me what you do when you’re alone. Do you ever think of coming here to see me? I miss you almost every single night. I hope you’ve not forgotten all about me. It’s been so long since I have heard from you. Can’t you take a pen and paper and write me? And tell me what you think that I should do. Chorus Don’t you know I can’t forget you. You’re in my mind both night and day. I wonder are your dreams about me, Am I in your thoughts when you’re alone? Now I’m coming home real soon I hope I see you I have a feeling that our lives have changed. But that’s all right cause I will still love you Maybe in a different kind of way (Contributed by - May 2008)


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