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WHEN YOU'RE DOWN AND OUT Woody Guthrie To old California where I did go My jalopy broke down and I spent all my dough. Chorus: It's a hard time, pity poor boy, It's a hard time, when you're down and out. (Repeat after each verse) I rambled around in the cotton fields, I worked like the devil but couldn't make meals, I damn near starved in an 80 cent field, If you was me how would you feel? I rambled and I gambled and worked like a dog, I slept every night in an old holler log. The days they was hot and the nights they was cold, The stores full of groceries, the banks full of gold. Sometimes I think I'll steal a six-shooter And I'll turn out to be a ring tail tooter. I'll stral my hip with two forty-fours I'll take all their greenback and take all their gold. I might not know what it's all about, I'll join with the union and soon find out. I guess that the union is better than guns, It says get your money, but never to run.


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