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WHEN MY LITTLE POMERANIAN MET YOUR LITTLE PEKINESE (Little Jack Little / David Oppenheim / Ira Schuster) Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocals: Al Bowlly & Frances Day) - 1933 Maurice Winnick & His Orch. (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1933 As recorded by AL BOWLLY & FRANCES DAY with Ray Noble's Orch., 10th May 1933: BOWLLY: I was strolling in the park It was getting on for dark I was walking my dog around And I tried to catch your eye But you acted rather shy As you walked your dog around DAY: It was funny how we met We can thank each little pet BOWLLY: It is such a lovely evening Won't you stroll beneath the trees DAY: For your little Pomeranian Has seen my little Pekinese BOWLLY: Though it's just a casual meeting Dare I give your hand a squeeze DAY: Oh, look, your little Pomeranian Has kissed my little Pekinese, bless him BOWLLY: It seems they're telling you just what to do We might've thought of that before DAY: Please don't forget that we just met BOWLLY: I'm sitting up to beg for more FD; Do really mean you love me AB: Yes, upon my bended knee FD: And my little Pickeranian AB: No, Pomeranian FD: Will love your little Pominese AB: Pekinese FD: Oooh! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2009) ******************** As recorded by SAM BROWNE with Maurice Winnick's Orch., 16th May 1933: It was such a lovely evening I was humming with the breeze When my little Pomeranian Met your little Pekinese It was just a casual meeting But I gave your hand a squeeze And my little Pomeranian Kissed your little Pekinese Right then and there I knew just what to do The Moon began to smile above I promised you that I'd be true That mine was not a puppy love Then we walked along together And you set my heart at ease When my little Pomeranian Met your little Pekinese (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2015)


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