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WHEN YOU'VE GOT A LITTLE SPRINGTIME IN YOUR HEART Jessie Mathews 1930 Ray Noble and His Orchestra, voc. Al Bowlly 1934 When you're young It's always spring And life is a happy song How we laugh at care And sing as we roll along Though the years go rushing by And spring is a memory Life will always be The same sweet song to me (Chorus) When you've got a little springtime in your heart You can laugh at all the wintry winds that blow Though December comes your way For you the birds will sing And the buttercups come peeping through the snow You'll be young, you'll be in love your whole life through Just as young, and more in love, then, as the stars And each happy scene Will be evergreen As the sweetest morning in June When you've got a little springtime in your heart *alternate ending And each memory will be evergreen, Like that early morning in Spring. When you've got a little Springtime in your heart. (Transcribed by John Worthington - April 2018)


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