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WHEN YOU WALTZ WITH THE GIRL YOU LOVE (Words by Garfield Kilgour / Music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1917) Music softly plays dreamy loveland days Waltzing a long with one dear sweet girl heart awhirl as you twirl gliding all around to that dreamy sound two eyes of blue steal your heart, too then you say "Dear I'll be true." Dreaming as you glide drifting by her side waltzing forever and then a day heart so gay as you sway you look in her eyes you're in Paradise that dreamy sound guides you around true happiness you have found. When you waltz with the girl that you love and adore all the world seems right in tune for a June time honeymoon when she says She'll be true as the stars up above then you sing of the Spring and the ring it will bring when you waltz with the girl you love.


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