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WHEN YOU WERE QUEEN OF THE MAY (Chas. E. Baer / Marion Raybould, 1915) Let me kiss those tears away, Smooth the locks now silver gray, Locks once gold, Let me whisper sweet and low, Love tales whisper'd long ago, Never old, You remember how the mocking birds were singing, So sweetly singing, Their love notes ringing, All the joys of love's young dream their songs were bringing, When my love I told. . . . . Time's been kind to us I know, But someday we'll have to go, With the tide, Smilingly we've borne our share, Of life's sorrow, joy and care, Side by side, In my dreams I hear the mocking birds still singing, So sweetly singing Their love notes ringing, And my heart is to the old days fondly clinging, When you were my bride. . . . . Remember the village green, dear, Remember the ging-ham gown, You were that day, dear, Queen of the May, dear, Apple blossoms drifting down, drifting down, drifting down, You were the fairest there, dear, You won my heart that day, And to me you're as fair as you were, Maggie, When you were the Queen of the May.


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