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WHERE AM I GOING? (Cy Coleman (m) / Dorothy Fields (l) ) Lyrics as sung by Barbra Streisand 1966 seventh studio album 'Color Me Barbra' Sung also in the colour CBS TV special by the same name March 1966. Also sung by: Shirley MacLaine Dionne Warwick Chita Rivera Mimi Hines Sarabeth Tucek Jacqueline Dankworth Mary Wells Dorothy Fields Basil Valdez Where I going? And what will I find? What's in this grab bag That I call I my mind? What am I doing Alone on the shelf? Ain't it a shame But no one's to blame but myself. Which way is clear When you've lost your way Year after year? Do I keep falling in love for just the kick of it? Staggering through the thin and thick of it, Hating each old, tired trick of it Know what I am, I'm good and sick of it! Where am I going? Why do I care? Run where it's foul, Run where it's fair, No matter where I run, I meet myself there. Looking inside me, what do I see? Anger and hope and doubt, What am I all about? And where am I going? Tell me why do I care? No matter where I run I meet myself there Looking inside me, what do I see? Anger, hope and doubt What am I all about? And where am I going? Where am I going? NOTES: Contained in the soundtrack of the 1969 film musical 'Sweet Charity'. Also contained in the soundtrack of the Broadway play (see below). Director: Bob Fosse Leads: Shirley MacLaine / John Martin / Ricardo Montalban / Sammy Davis Jr. The film 'Sweet Charity' was based on the 1966 Broadway play by the same name with Gwen Verdon and Ruth Buzzi. 'Sweet Charity' itself was based on Federico Fellini's screenplay for the 1957 drama 'Nights of Cabiria'. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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