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WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE (Sammy King) Houghton Weavers - 1975 Arthur Edward Pickersgill Workin' 'ard at mill Sorting out the bales The ones to empty and to fill It's Sat'day night, he's rushing home To check his football pools While Chelsea won and let him down And so did Hartlepools So off at dawn on Monday morn Working for his rent Money's hard to come by And half's already spent 'Cause Billy wants a pair of shoes And Tilly wants a dress And Freda wants some curling pins She says her hair's a mess And so, where do you go from here Where in life do you belong You've work so hard throughout your life To make your country great And now it runs away from you Leaving you behind and out of date Every week your Sunday joint's No bigger than your thumb With eight of us to share it And that's not including Mum But first you've got to find it And the kids are lookin' out It's there, Dad, in the processed peas Behind that Brussels sprout And Freda's getting married soon You'll 'ave to pay for do Invitin' all the folks we know Will cost a bob or two And after all the toastin' And the speeches and the gags It's back to working overtime And rolling your own fags And so, where do you go from here Where in life do you belong You fought for King and Country And your comrades in the war And is it any different now You're fighting to exist just like before And so, where do you go from here Life's inclined to hurry by Your clogs went out with ration books But still you carry on, forever if you can 'Cause you're the kind of man who can't Afford to die (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - August 2006)


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