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WHERE HAVE ALL THE SEASONS GONE (Tom T. Hall) Bobby Bare - 1970 Dear Mom and Dad, I'm writing you to say I found a job It's a good job, I don't go to work till nine If my old car holds up I guess I'll be home for the Fourth Don't worry 'bout me, everything is fine That was nineteen-fifty-two Where have all the seasons gone Dear Dad, remember Peggy, we were married Friday night I'll bring her home to see you when I can We took some pictures at the wedding, I've enclosed a few And the money that you wanted me to send That was nineteen-fifty-three Where have all the seasons gone Dear Uncle Ray, I thank you for the Christmas card you sent The kids enjoyed the pretty toys you bought Congratulations, awful sad that you retired last week How do you like livin' in a trailer park That was nineteen-sixty-three Where have all the seasons gone Yesterday I got a letter from that oldest boy of mine He said that he was doin' fine in school He said if his old car holds up he'll be home for the Fourth He said don't you worry, Poppa, things are cool That was yesterday, now tell me Where have all the seasons gone (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2011)


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