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WHERE IN THE WORLD (Ray Austin / Paul Herrick / Freddy Martin) Tony Martin - 1942 Anne Shelton with Ambrose & His Orch. - 1942 Vera Lynn with Mantovani & His Orch. - 1942 Harry Roy & His Band - 1942 Do you mind if I ask you some questions Questions that explain this lovely glow Where in the world can a sunbeam at noon Take the place of the moon And where in the world can the stars of the skies Shine in two lovely eyes And where did I first find the answer to my prayer May I remind you that you were there Oh where in the world can a touch of the lips Bring a total eclipse of cares in the world And the future for two is the one thing in view And where can I be sure that all my dreams come true Oh where in the world, only with you (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - September 2005)


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