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WHERE IS MY WANDERING GIRL TONIGHT ? (Words and Music by: Dave Manley, 1914) The scene is a lonely cottage that once was bright and gay Where a mother dear is waiting for the girl that went away Each minute seemed an hour, each hour seems a year, each moment brings a thought of her, each thought just brings a tear, Tears mingle with her sighs Where is my girl she cries. Just think of you darling mother Just think of her tonight Return if you are wandering Her love is your guiding light No matter what the past dear, No matter what the shame, What even if the world does jeer, She loves you just the same, Leave all the glare and light She prays for you tonight. Where is my wandering girl tonight Oh where oh where can she be She left the old home for the bright city lights, Please send her back to me Tell her I am growing old And I soon will pass away For there's no place like home Oh where is my girlie my child tonight.


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