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WHERE LOVE HAS GONE (James Van Heusen (m) / Sammy Cahn (l) ) Jack Jones 1964 Also sung by: Bobby Darin Theme song from the 1964 Paramount film ‘Where Love Has Gone’ This film is based on the Harold Robbins novel of the same name. Director: Edward Dmytryk Leads: Bette Davis / Susan Hayward / Mike Connors / Joey Heatherton There must be a place, a place where love has gone A bright shiny world, somewhere where love has gone Where dreams and desires, as cold as yesterday's fires Start to blaze anew. There must be a star, gleaming in space That doesn't grow dim, with each last embrace They say love's gone when it goes And I'm naive I suppose. There may not be such a place There may not be such a star But still my fool of a heart Just leads me on. It wants to be there, there with you Where love has gone. To that bright and shiny world, where love has gone To that gone forever world, where love has gone. (Contributed by David Story - September 2013)


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