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WHERE THE SWEET FORGET-ME-NOTS REMEMBER (Music: Harry Warren / Lyrics: Mort Dixon) Ford & Glenn - 1929 Jim Miller & Charlie Farrell - 1929 Ben Pollack & His Park Central Orch. (vocal: Bert Lorin) - 1929 Barney Trimble & His Oklahomans (vocal: Tommy Weir) - 1929 Victor King (aka Harry Reser) & His Conqueror Orch. (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1929 Hotel Commodore Dance Orch. - 1929 Merle Johnson & His Ceco Couriers (Instr.) - 1929 Tom Bailey - 1929 There's a garden far away, where the sunlight beams There my old-time sweetheart helps me dream my dream Here beneath a sky of grey, oh, how blue I be Only for that garden, where love still waits for me Why should I sigh if there's no blue in the sky I'll be happy in a cosy little spot Where the sweet forget-me-nots remember Why should I pine because the sun doesn't shine When I'll get the sweetest kiss I ever got Where the sweet forget-me-nots remember I mean to spend my days where fresh bouquets Decorate the old room Every blossom in bloom Double-daring the gloom So why should I wait because my rainbow is late When I know I'll meet the one I love a lot Where the sweet forget-me-nots remember (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2018)


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