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WHERE WILL THE DIMPLE BE ? (Bob Merrill / Al Hoffman) Rosemary Clooney & The Mellomen (with The Buddy Cole Quartet) - 1955 CHORUS: On the baby's knuckle, on the baby's knee Where will the baby's dimple be? Baby's cheek or baby's chin Seems to me it'll be a sin If it's always covered by the safety-pin Where will the dimple be ? Every night we stay at home, my love and me alone Making wishes over dishes in the sink Will our bundle full of joy be a darling girl or boy? Will the booties be a baby blue or pink? CHORUS Now I wake up every night with such an appetite Eat a chocolate pie, topped off with sauerkraut Then I put some records on, munch on crackers until dawn And just sit around all night and try to guess CHORUS While I play the clinging vine, I watch that love of mine Build him cradles while I'm pecking at his cheek Not just one, but two or three, twins run in my family And my cousin Jane had triplets just last week CHORUS x 2


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