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WHICH ONE IS TO BLAME (Sunny Dull / Redd Stewart) Billy Walker - 1955 The Beacon Brothers - 1955 Also recorded by: Bobby Bare; Crowe Brothers; The Wilburn Brothers; Norma Jean; Jesse McReynolds & Charles Whitstein; Daryl Mosley & Tim Graves; Roy Clark; Chris Hillman. The nicest thing that's come my way is you But I can't offer you my heart or name It isn't fair to love the way we do I wonder which one of us is to blame It doesn't bother me at all What other people say Because if loving you could be such a crime I'm guilty all the way Your nearness makes me tremble with desire Your ruby red lips can set my soul aflame For you I'd be a beggar, thief or liar I wonder which one of us is to blame Somehow I can't blame myself Although I guess I should And I can't place the blame on you I wouldn't if I could We've made ourselves the gossip of the town The things we've done can only bring us shame We've let our passion drag our honour down I wonder which one of us is to blame (Contributed by - January 2009)


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