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WHILE THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS SHINE ON (Words by Harry D. Kerr / Music by Henry W. Petrie, 1914) Heart of my heart you seem, dear, to doubt that my love is true; Sometimes I think you feel, dear, It may not all be for you, Doubt that the sun is shining, doubt that the sky is blue, doubt the whole world, if you will, dear, but doubt not my love for you: Birds to their mates are singing, the song that they love to hear; each flow'r with sweetend perfume, speaks love to the one that's near, soul speaks to soul, the answer never has yet been wrong, this is love's message to you, dear, and this is my own love song: While the stars in heaven shine on! While the warm summer sun greets the dawn, the love that I give, will grow stronger and live, till the light of the world will be gone! With a heart that shall beat just for you, all my vows every day I'll renew tho' the ocean may dry, love like mine shall not die while the stars in the heavens shine on!


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