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WHILE YOU'RE AWAY "PACK UP YOUR CARES IN A BUNDLE OF JOY" (L. Wolfe Gilbert / Anatole Friedland, 1918) His furlough time was over, he was told to say goodbye And though his heart was staunch and true A tear drop dimmed his eye His little mother by his side she smiled to hide her pain, And whispered softly let's be brave, Your tear drop is in vain. As brave as any soldier is the mother of her son Her golden soul has done it's share In every vict'ry won In years gone by and those to be, the soldier can recall, The message from his mother dear, He treasures more than all. While you're away While you're away I'll keep the lovelight bright, So at night it will light, your way, dear, Just think of me wheree'er you'll be I'll do my share, and bear, for someday While you're away You'll write and say Our work is done and I am sailing homeward today Pack up your cares in a bundle of joy I'll wait for you till it's over my boy May God bless you while you're away.


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