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WHISKEY BENT AND HELL BOUND (Hank Williams Jr.) Hank Williams Jr. - 1979 I've got a good woman at home who thinks I do no wrong But sometimes, Lord, she just ain't always around And you know that's when I fall, I can't help myself at all And I get whiskey bent and hell bound Play me some songs about a ramblin' man Put a cold one in my hand 'Cause you know I love to hear those guitar sounds Don't you play 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry' 'Cause I'll get all balled up inside And I'll get whiskey bent and hell bound (Instrumental Break) Sure enough about closin' time, 'bout stoned out of my mind And I end up with some honky tonk special I found Just as sure as the mornin' sun comes, thinkin' of my sweet girl at home And I need to get whiskey bent and hell bound Play me the song about ramblin' man Put old Jim Beam in my hand Cause you know I still love to get drunk and hear country sounds But don't play 'Your Cheatin' Heart' That'll tear me all apart I get whiskey bent and hell bound Yeah, old Hank's songs always make me feel low down (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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