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WHOA, SAILOR (Hank Thompson / Walt McCoy) Hank Thompson - 1949 Maddox Brothers & Rose - 1949 I'll tell you 'bout my night on shore if you will lend an ear I stepped into a cabaret to get myself a beer A pretty girl sat all alone and needed company But when I got close, this girl arose, this is what she said to me Now she said, "Whoa, sailor, be careful what you do In your eye there's a gleam and to me it seems your just like all the rest With a wolfish eye and a line that's sly, then a sailor's at his best" Now look here, babe, you've got me wrong, I'm not that kinda guy Why, I just got back from across the seas where there are no girls arie Now let me talk to you a while, I'm sure you'll see my way But when I went to spout she turned about, this is what she had to say Now she said, "Whoa, sailor, I've heard that line before You'll look into my eyes and tell me lies and tales of the seven seas But a sailor's full of that kinda bull, so don't hand it to me" Oh, pretty girl you've let me down you've broken my poor heart And oh, how it hurt when you had to spout that last sad remark I said I think I'll have a drink and I broke out six month's pay With wide open eyes she breathed a sigh, this time she had to say Now she said, "Whoa, sailor, I think you've won my heart" Well, she was right neat and she sure was sweet, but I knew she was that sort But she's not all to blame 'cause it's a sailor's aim to have a girl in every port (Contributed by - January 2009)


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