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WHO CAN TELL >From the film "Rogues' Regiment" (1948) (Serge Walter / Jack Brooks) Martha Mears (Film Soundtrack - as the singing voice of Märta Torén) - 1948 Who can tell When love is knocking at your heart I wonder who can tell They say that love can be so close And still so few can tell Your in the spell, so who can tell, not I Who can say What love is really all about I wonder who can say When may I hear the magic words That very few can say Some lucky day, still who can say, not I If I go walking, I forget where I'm calling Sometimes I'm falling without even knowing What makes me feel this strange and wonderful thing Well, maybe it's love, maybe it's Spring Who can tell Until he takes you in his arms I wonder who can tell They say that once you've kissed It isn't long till you can tell It rings a bell, but who can tell, not I (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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