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WHO'S AFRAID OF LOVE? from 1936 film "One In A Million" (Sidney Mitchell / Lew Pollack 1936) as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm December 24th 1936 New York Who's afraid of love? It's something we sing about; I haven't the slightest doubt That life without it is over. (it's all true, yeah) Who's afraid of love? Whatever are we living for? How can anyone ignore The sweetest story that's told? Those who found love Know nothing more sweet to hear Than the sound of "I love you!". (yeah baby, you love me) So who's afraid of love? (they love you Fredo) (It's that fine lovely Arabian stuff that your dreams are made of, yes!) And the dreams can't make me afraid! (ha-ha-ha, boo-hoo, who's afraid of love, yeah) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2016)


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