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WHOSE HONEY ARE YOU? J Fred Coots (m) Gaven Gillespie (l) as rec by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm March 6th 1935 New York also rec by Henry "Red" Allen & his Orch '35 Whose honey are you? Whose tea do you sweeten? Who's sugar and spice And everything nice Depend on you? Whose honey are you? Whose dream are you completin'? Who goes for those eyes like sugar plum pies? Whose honey are you? You've got a tiny little bit of heaven In your finger tips; You've got all the rest of heaven On your sugar coated lips! Who's gonna get you, Some Sunday go meetin'? Whose little heart leaps And wants you for keeps? Whose honey are you? Whose honey are you? Who gets your affection? Who makes the dates And kisses, and rates The lovin' you do? Whose honey are you? Who makes the selection? Whose beautiful schemes And honeymoon dreams Are gonna come true? Please tell me, Have you really made your mind up Who it's gonna be? Don't you think, before we wind up, We're terrific, you and me! Whose honey are you? Whose dream of perfection? Who's gonna raise fame And let me explain? Whose honey are you? (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2010)


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