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WHO'S GONNA PLAY THIS OLD PIANO ? (Ray Griff) Jerry Lee Lewis Who's gonna play this ol' piana After I'm not here? Who's gonna sing these sad songs to you Cause your eyes to fill with tears? Who's gonna keep these ivories talking Like Jerry's doin' now? Who's gonna play this ol' piano After my last bow? When that final curtain calls Someday lord it will! Who'll take my place on that stage When everything is ah hushed and still Who's gonna touch these keys with feeling? Really get to you Who's gonna play this ol' piano When my time is through The killer ain't through yet though baby! instrumental solo We've laughed and you know we've cried together Done a million shows So I kinda think like I Have every single right to know Who's gonna keep this music going? Who will carry on? Who's gonna play this ol' piano After the Killer's gone?! Give it to me boy! piano solo whooo hangin like dungotin whistle solo


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