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WHO SHOT THE HOLE IN MY SOMBRERO? (Milton Leeds / Billy Hayes) Rex Allen & The Arizona Wranglers - 1949 Edmundo Ros & His Rumba Band - 1949 As recorded by EDMUNDO ROS: I saw my friend José Along the street one day When suddenly a pistol shot rang out People stopped to stare His hat flew in the air He picked it up and then I heard him shout..... Who shot the hole in my sombrero? Who put the bullet through my hat? Who shot the hole in my sombrero? Who would do a terrible thing like that? Was it Nita or Lolita? Are they jealous 'cause I find new señorita? Was it Pancho from the rancho? Did he do this because I kissed his wife? It's better I get my horse and gallop far away With bullets flying everywhere, it isn't safe to stay Some hombre sure is mad at me, so I don't hang around The next hole that the bullet makes, it might be lower down (Who shot the hole in his sombrero?) (Who put the bullet through his hat?) (Who shot the hole in his sombrero?) (Who would do a terrible thing like that?) Was it Nina or Rosina? Are they mad 'cause I find new señorina? Was it Chico from Tampico? I sell him mine, but he don't find the gold (Instrumental Break) Was it Tony, that big phoney? Is he mad because I steal his pinto pony? No can figure who pulled that trigger It wasn't meant for accident, I think SPOKEN: Now, look-a-here, Frankie. Tell me why does the chicken cross the road? (I think it's probably because he's hentertaining some fowl ideas, cock)[Band Laughter] Again, who was that lady I saw you with last night? (That was a Sybil) A Sybil who? (A Sybil servant!)[Band Laughter] One more thing, Frankie. Please tell me. Do you know who it was who shot the hole in my sombrero? (I haven't the faintest idea, but at least it missed your head, Edmundo)[Band Laughter} Ho-ho-ho, let's go, one, two, three, a-four (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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