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WHY CAN’T I ? Movie: Jumbo, 1962 (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart) Doris Day & Martha Raye (DD) Feeling the way I do I’d like to say I do Heaving a heavenly sigh Everybody has someone, why can’t I? (MR) You’d like to say I do I’d like to say it, too Nature is hard to deny Even old maids find a burglar Well, why can’t I? (DD) Should girls be good girls? – I think they should (MR) Well then, I, I need a good man to make me be good Ho, ho, ho (DD) Two feet are ever cold (MR) Four feet are never cold… …Well, I only mean to imply (DD) Everybody has someone (Both) Everybody has someone (MR) Romeo had Juliet (DD) Hero had Leander (MR) Every heffer has her bull (DD) And every goose her gander (MR) Every stallion has his flea (DD) And every nanny goat has her belee (MR) Ducks have drakes (DD) And lambs have ewes (Both) All the best things come in twos Everybody has someone Why can’t I?


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