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WHY CAN'T YOU BEHAVE (Cole Porter) Dinah Washington Also recorded by: Can Can; Diahann Carroll; Bing Crosby; Ella Fitzgerald; Dick Haymes; Stephanie Haynes; Fiona Hendley; Dolores Hope; Lisa Kirk; Diane Langton; MGM Studio Orchestra; Ann Miller; Jane Monhet; Marian Montgomery; Oscar Peterson; Polly Podewell; Frank Sinatra; Jo Stafford; Paula West; Joe Williams. Why can't you behave? Oh, why can't you behave? After all the things you told me, And the promises that you gave, Oh, why can't you behave? (Chorus) Why, why, why can't you be good? (Dinah) I was faithful and true but what good will it do (Chorus) And do, do just as you should? (Dinah) Yes you had the right touch but I was askin' too much Won't you turn that new leaf over, So your baby can be your slave? Oh, why can't you behave? There's a farm I know near my old home town, Where we two can go and try settling down. There I'll care for you forever, 'Cause you're all in this world I crave. Oh, why can't you behave? Why can't you behave? (Contributed by Bill Huntley - April 2005)


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