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WHY I DON'T TRUST THE MEN (Cindy Walker) Cindy Walker - 1942 I'll never listen to another feller's plea Of how much he loves and my sweetheart he will be 'Cause just once I done it, but I won't do it again For this is the reason why I don't trust the men (Instrumental Break) He had my heart a-beatin' inside my breast Like a bird in a cage and when he confessed That I was his true love and looked in my eyes Oh Lord, what a tremble in my bosom did rise (Instrumental Break) He sold fancy brushes, that's how we did meet And he sure did swept me, clear off of my feet Then gave me the brush off without any hint Oh, what a cruel fate to me has been sent (Instrumental Break) My heart is broken, he left suddenly And married another and made an old maid of me The way I've been treated is just a shame and sin And that is the reason why I don't trust the men (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2013)


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