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WHY SHOULD WE TRY ANYMORE (Hank Williams) Hank Williams - 1950 Ferlin Husky - 1960 Hank Williams Jr. - 1966 Hank Williams Jr. & Lois Johnson - 1972 Doris L. Menard - 1985 Waylon Jennings - 1996 What's the use to deny we've been living a lie That we should have admitted before We were just victims of a half-hearted love So why should we try anymore The vows that we make are only to break We drift like a wave from the shore The kisses we steal we know are not real So why should we try anymore (Instrumental Break) The dreams that we knew can never come true They've gone, to return no more False love like ours just fades with the flowers So why should we try anymore Our story so old, again has been told On the past let's close the door And smile, don't regret, just live and forget There's no use to try anymore So why should we try anymore (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2012)


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