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WILD WOMEN DO Natalie Cole You tell me you want a woman who's As simple as a flower. Well if you want me to act like that, You'd better pay me by the hour. Don't want to travel in the danger zone Take another number Don't want a lover who can hold her own Baby step aside if you don't want to ride Because CHORUS Wild women do And they don't regret it Wild women show What they're goin' through Wild women do What you think they'll never What you only dream about Wild women do. You think that love is a vision of A princess in a picture Well let me tell you something, little boy You wouldn't know love if it hit ya Scared of someone who is off the wall Kickin' and a screamin' Don't you want a lover who can do it all? Listen to me Jack I ain't holdin' back Cos CHORUS Come on and wild with me baby. Everybody come on, Everybody get wild. CHORUS (to fade)


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