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WILLOW ROAD Mel Torme 1949 Mel Torme & The Mel-Tones w Sonny Burke & his Orch rec Mar 19th 1946 Hwood At dawn you hear the rooster crowin', He says it's time to ride, So all the flowers open their eyes; And when they stretch their feathers You'd swear a rainbow growed, All along the Willow Road! I know the corn is ripe for husking, But I ain't got the time, I don't care if I make a dime, 'Cause money couldn't pay for The peace of mind I've knowed, Strollin'down the Willow Road. City folks, You've got my pity, folks, I don't know why you're always on the run! Strange the way You work all day To build a house so high it hides the sun! Now the sun is settin' And I gotta hit the hay, Tomorrow is another big day; I'm gonna reap the harvest Of happiness I've sowed, Down along the Willow Road. I guess that I'm the only dreamer Whose dreams have all come true; The only thing I gotta do Is rise and shine each mornin' To see that no-one's changed, Or even rearranged, The road, my Willow Road. (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2009)


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