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WILL YOU FORGIVE IF I FORGET ? (Words by Kurt Hirsekorn / Music by G. Selig, 1909) Oh could I but recall the past, dear, and all its bright and happy hours! It would not be that now at last, dear, your love should fade like summer flowers, our hands, our lips have met in gladness, how can our lives be parted now. Let love's roses banish sadness, recall the shadow from your brow! To take your image from my heart, dear, would be to take the light from day! and if our paths on earth should part, dear, my fondest hopes would fade away! Let not our little word now sever, the bliss, the dreams that we have known! Oh, let us be sweethearts forever, let your dear love be all my own! Say not farewell, ah leave that word unspoken, which brings a tear a bitter sigh! say not the vows that once we made are broken by one sad word that word Goodbye! Oh! give me back your fond caresses, I cannot help I love you yet, the fault was mine my heart confesses will you forgive if I forget?


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