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WILL YOU LOVE ME IN DECEMBER AS YOU DO IN MAY (J.J. Walker / Ernest R. Ball, 1905) Now in the summer of life sweetheart, You say you love but me, Gladly I give all my heart to you, Throbbing with ecstacy. But last night I saw while a dreaming, The future old and gray, And I wondered if you'll love me then dear, Just as you do today. You say the glow on my cheek sweetheart, Is like the rose so sweet, But when the bloom of fair youth has flown, Then will our lips still meet? When life's setting sun fades away dear, And all is said and done, Will your arms still entwine and caress me, Will our hearts beat as one? Will you love me in the December as you do in May, Will you love me in the good old fashioned way? When my hair has turned all gray, Will you kiss me then and say, That you love me in December as you do in May?


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