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WILL YOU STILL BE MINE ? (Tom Adair / Matt Dennis) Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra (vocal : Connie Haines) Also recorded by : Jamey Aebersold; Winifred Atwell; Benny Bailey; Beaky; George Benson; Peter Bernstein; Don Braden; Joshua Breakstone Quartet; Lenny Breau; Pam Bricker; Ray Brown; Dave Brubeck; John Bunch; Kenny Burrell; Gerard Carelli; Benny Carter; Ron Carter; Rosemary Clooney; Buster Cooper; Bob Crosby; Miles Davis; Angela Deniro; Peter Eigenmann; Tal Farlow; Art Farmer; Connie Francis; José Luis Gámez; Red Garland; Erroll Garner; Larry Goldings; Buddy Greco; Francine Griffin; Connie Haines; Lin Halliday; Scott Hamilton; Gene Harris; Johnny Hartman; Hampton Hawes Quartet; Eddie Higgins Trio; Holly Hofmann; Marchel Ivery; Oliver Jackson; Ahmad Jamal; Pete Jolly; June Katz; Morgana King; Rahsaan Roland Kirk; Lee Konitz; Ralph Lalama Quartet; Jackie McLean; Red Mitchell; Jaye P. Morgan; Hod O'Brien; Rich Perry Trio; Oscar Peterson; John Pizzarelli Trio; Marc Pompe; Ken Rhodes; Buddy Rich & His Buddies; Ann Richards; Howard Roberts; Spike Robinson; Sonny Rollins; Ted Rosenthal; Carol Sloane; Pete Smyser; Don Stiernberg; Lew Tabackin; Cal Tjader; Hideaki Tokunaga; McCoy Tyner; Paul Vornhagen; Scott Walker; George Wallington; Jerry Weldon; Wesla Whitfield; Lem Winchester. Ever since my heart took such a tumble I've wondered if your love for me would last When landmarks fall and institutions crumble Will it be just a memory of the past? When lovers make no rendezvous And stroll along Fifth Avenue When this familiar world is through Will you still be mine? When cabs don't drive around the park No windows light the summer dark When love has lost its secret spark Will you still be mine? When moonlight on the Hudson's not romancy And spring no longer turns a young man's fancy When glamour girls have lost their charms And sirens just mean false alarms When lovers heed no call to arms Will you still be mine? When Elsa's parties are no fun When FDR declines to run When Eleanor of "My Day" is done Will you still be mine? When Garbo gives out interviews And Harlem folk forget the blues When G-Man Hoover's out of clues Will you still be mine? A song of love will just remain a gay note When we have finally paid our FHA note When Barrymore first hides his face And when Yehudi leaves a trace When Crosby's horses win a race Will you still be mine? (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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