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WINE, WOMAN AND SONG (Johann Strauss) The Blazers The night is young and love is new, The night will dring me close to you; The music playing sweet, My heart will skip a beat. To hold you in my arms tonight, Will fill my heart with great delight, Tonight's a night for love, It's love that I'm thinking of. Wine brings the rosiest glow, Wine makes your troubles all go; Wine warms the night desire, Exciting your mind with its fire, Then for spice, women really are nice, Soft music will melt the ice; Wine, loving women and song. You try it, you'll never go wrong. Find wine exciting and women inviting, Your troubles, like bubbles, Will vanish in song, Music and dancing, and wine and romancing, You might as well smile, you only live a while. Time is so fleeting, all problems repeating, You'll find yourself greeting Each day with a frown, If you would beat it, a few things are needed, Just wine and fine women and a little song. Life's a game we must play, Ev'ry day of the year, Might as well play the game, With the best of good cheer; Vintage wine brings relief, From the cares of the day, Play it smart, cares depart, With a sparkling glass of wine. Glasses up, glasses up, Here's to happiness; Drink a toast, drink a toast, Drink to loveliness; Glasses up, live it up, now, Before time has flown. Gaily laugh, Gaily sing, Let your voices ring; You will find, sips of wine Will contentment bring. Now's the time, Nothing can go wrong, Here's to wine, women and song. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - January 2006)


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