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WINTER'S COMIN' ON AGAIN (Neal Merritt) Dick Curless - 1970 Today I heard the cold winds moan And I saw some geese up on the wing A southern home waits their returnin' Ah, to be such a lucky thing Nobody cares where I am goin' And I don't remember where I've been I only know the cold wind's blowin' And winter's comin' on again Once I was young and had a reason For doin' everything I did A pretty girl for every season Without a conscience to forbid And I used to know someone in this town Someone I used to call a friend But we ain't walkin' on the same ground And winter's comin' on again When that old sun comes up tomorrow I'll find a highway headin' south Maybe the sun will ease my sorrow 'Cause down south is where I started out If someone asks me where you goin' Well I'm just lookin' for the end Too many cold winds I felt blowin' And winter's comin' on again And winter's comin' on again


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