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WISH I MAY, WISH I MIGHT From the film "Best Foot Forward" (1943) (Hugh Martin / Ralph Blane) June Allyson, Kenny Bowers, Gloria DeHaven, Ralph Blane, Sara Haden & Donald MacBride (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 Mel Tormé & The Mel-Tones - 1948 Martin & Blane - 1956 Liza Minnelli, Kay Cole (Off-Broadway Revival) - 1963 Also recorded by: Marilyn Maxwell Needles, pins, triplets, twins When a man marries, his troubles begin When a man dies, his troubles end Let's touch thumbs and see who wins Wish I may, wish I might Get the wishes I'm wishing tonight A young cadet, blonde or brunette A Romeo in search of Juliet Wish I might, wish I may Get the wishes I'm wishin' today A lot of poise, a lot of noise And an awful lot of boys I want a date, who'll stay out late A brother rat who'd leave me flat won't rate Want some orchids from New York A wrap of taffeta will be round me Scads of lads will hound me And they will cheer For the belle of the ball of the year So hold me close and hug me tight For that's the wish I wish I may I might Wish I had an old jalop job Just a little olden top job Wish I had myself a C card That would suit me to a T pard I could take my date a-drivin' And I would get the wish I wish I tonight Wish he'd send a dozen roses Wish I had the proper clotheses Wish I had a slinky hairdo Wish my evening dress was Bardeaux I would knock their little eyes out If I could get the wish I wish tonight Wish we didn't have a chaperone Wish we had a chance to be all alone We could slip away and tell jokes and drink Cokes But this we're afraid the prom would never condone And so we wish we may, we wish me might Just to see the latest dancing craze Makes me wish for my romancing days Seeing babies in the wild woods now Makes me wish for second childhood now Needles, pins, triplets, twins Ah, ah, ah Give a yell, give a cheer For the belle of the ball of the year So hold me close and hug me tight For that's the wish I wish I may, I might


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