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WITHOUT YOU (Paul Jones) Manfred Mann Also recorded by: JW-Jones Just a hunk o' steel Yeah and just a plank o' wood Give a little bit of bad lu-uck Mmm, just a bit o' goo-ood I could be so happy With this life of mine But you know I'm so sad baby So sa-ad, all the ti-i-ime That's why life baby-y, oh yeah-eah-eah It's no good without you Really, now son Yeah, yeah that's my life baby-y Mmm, it's no good without you Let me tell you 'bout it now I ain't got no money I can't find no work I couldv'e been a good man Mmm-yeah, a good man and not a jerk If things could've been different We could'a had some changes made But you went away child Lord knows, you should've stay-ay-ayed That's my life baby-y Oh-oh yeah-eah-eah, it's no good without you


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