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WOMAN DOWN IN MEMPHIS (Carson J. Robison / Frank Luther) Bud Billings & Carson Robison - 1929 Red Clay Ramblers - 1977 Woman down in Memphis Bought myself a forty-four Listen to my warning Stay away from my front door Gone and thought the whole thing over Now I know you had me blind Oh! Woman down in Memphis Goin' to get you off my mind Woman down in Memphis Told me that your love was true Said that we would soon get married Said you'd always do me right Oh! Woman, you was triflin' Soon as I was out of sight I went to the doctor Asked him what was wrong with me Said I'd have to leave this country Get away from Memphis town Oh! He said I'd been grievin' 'Till my health was all broke down Woman down in Memphis Listen to my lonesome song Woman down in Memphis Won't be singin' very long When they take me to the graveyard Lay me in the cold cold ground Oh! Woman down in Memphis Hope the Lord will strike you down


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