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WOMAN WHO IS WAITING (Arthur Thomas) Faron Young - 1968 Feet take me from this bar fast as you can I've got to leave here now while I'm still half a man Cause temptation I feel tonight is far from small I had better leave now before I fall I know I should have never come in here at all I was askin' for trouble by not stayin' home Cause the beer and wine will numb my brain And I'll think of ev'rything except The woman who waits for me at home But how am I suppose to keep my head When ev'ryone in here is losing theirs And that girl at the bar sure looks good to me I guess I'll prove how weak a man can really be Looks like I've lost the battle between right and wrong I know now that I'll be here till early dawn I'll just pretend that I don't need and never really loved The woman who waits for me at home The woman who waits for me at home (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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