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WONDERFUL WORLD OF SEX (Michael Peter Smith) Steve Goodman I could learn to understand Swahili by myself I could even teach it to my good dog, Ralph I could learn to read you every book up on the shelf I could learn to tell your fortune like the oracle of Delphi I could learn to tell you every flower by its color I could learn to swim as fast as Johnny Weissmuller But I couldn't never learn to get along without you Don't you run away from me, I sure dig sex You can get love from your papa or your mama You can get warm from a Turkish or a sauna You can get hot from tortillas or lasagna But you get all three when you neck with me I really must confess it gets me in the solar plexus When I think about the differences there are between the sexes Peanut butter sandwiches are really neat But when you get right down to it you can't compete with Good old double S - E - double X is Camper than batman, bigger than Texas You're concave and I'm convex Welcome to the world of sex Do I love you, is the Pope Catholic? Do I need you, is a rubber band elastic? Do I want you, is the atom bomb drastic? Let's us be heterosexually entwined, we fit like a tailored suit dear I dig you more than I dig root beer Green Giant peas need a big green pod I spend a lot of time needing your bod Walking around through fields of clover Can't we lie down and talk things over? You never know whats coming off next In the wonderful world of sex


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