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WONDER OF YOU, THE (Ellington) Duke Ellington / Johnny Hodges / Don George / Reg Connelly as rec by Kitty Kallen w Harry James & his Orch Aug 7th 1945 New York I've steered an ocean liner, Played golf in Indo China, I've flown a Stratoliner through the blue; I've seen the clouds go under, But nothin' like the wonder of you! Ive hoola-ed in Hawaii, Put out a forest fire, I read each new Esquire through and through! I've seen a pirate's plunder, But nothing like the wonder of you! I've seen The coronation of a queen; I've seen Micket Mouse up on the screen. I've whistled Otchi-Tchorniya, Spent June in California, But when I'm in your arms I find it true; The world and all its wonders Has nothing like the wonder of you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2009)


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