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WONDER WHEN MY BABY'S COMING HOME (Kermit Goell / Arthur Kent) Kay Kyser & His Orch. (vocal: Dorothy Dunn) - Recorded May 1st 1942 Shep Fields & His New Music (vocal: Ken Curtis) - Recorded May 1st 1942 Kate Smith (with Jack Miller's Orch.) - Recorded May 20th 1942 Jimmy Dorsey & His Orch. (vocal: Helen O'Connell) - 1942 As recorded by KATE SMITH: My life was rosy as a lovely summer dawn It's very different since the one I love has gone Haven't seen a sunny day Ever since he went away Wonder when my baby's comin' home Haven't slept a wink at night Just worrying if he's all right Wonder when my baby's comin' home Oh, I really can't help cryin' I'm so hungry for his caress Though I promised I wouldn't be cryin' I'm not brave enough, I guess Home will be a lonely place Till I kiss that funny little face Wonder when my baby's comin' home I wonder when my baby's comin' home (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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