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WORKING GIRL (Wes Buchanan) Conway Twitty - 1967 Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty - 1971 Working girl, working girl I love you Working girl, I love the things that you do Mmmmm, I don't know what I would do if you should up and leave Just sit and grieve, sit and grieve, working girl Working girl you've got money all of the time Working girl pays my rent and treats me fine Aah, I don't know if I could take it if she should up and go I love you so, I love you so, working girl (Instrumental Break) Gives me money when I'm down, working girl She takes me out on the town, working girl Each time I think it's over she makes me see She loves just me, only me, working girl Buys me rings, expensive things, working girl Cowboy boots, swinging clothes, working girl Shiny car and credit cards and that ain't all When I'm with you I walk real tall, walk real tall Working girl, working girl, I love you Working girl, I love the things that you do (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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