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WORM & THE RATTLESNAKE Godley & Creme I wanna take you to the Garden of Eden Where they play Duane Eddy not Bert Weedon Wanna mingle with the riff raff and be a rebel So echo the bass and turn up the treble Oh yeah, oh yeah I wanna smoke my cigarettes in peace I wanna brush out the parting and comb in the grease I wanna trade my tie for studs and buckles And tattoo your name across my knuckles Oh yeah I wanna tell the world she belongs to me I wanna carve the news in the bark of a tree A cupids heart with an arrow going through it The stupid part is even then I knew she was wrong for me Oh yeah I was as jealous as hell cause he was just a kid And he could walk on the waltzers like Jesus did He said you try it, I said it's a piece of cake But I knew he knew, I was a worm not a rattlesnake Oh yeah The summer rolled by like a white walled tyre Then the candyfloss became barbed wire She said, you're different you're not the same You're just a jew looking for a christian name Oh yeah, oh yeah Then they chased me through a booming cage of arks Oh hissing blue Flash Gordon sparks Where dodgems dance on clubbed iron feet Kicking each other to death to the beat Oh yeah How come you still invade my dreams You belong in my Quiff Street fairground teens I don't even know if she's still alive If she is, she's probably married with five kids by now Oh yeah And I wonder if her husband carries a gun Did he throw away his life in a chicken run You know I think she made a big mistake She should have fallen in love with the worm not the rattlesnake Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah (Contributed by =Ae= - November 2008)


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