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WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME (Mike Chapman / Holly Knight) Agnetha Fältskog (Sweden) Also recorded by: Abbacadabra; Agnetha & Frida; Engelbert Humperdinck. Wrap your arms around me... When youŽre so far away, At the end of each day Counting the moments till you fade away. Inside my soul, Under passionŽs control, Are feelings I canŽt find the words to explain Just like the first time IŽm helpless again. Chorus: Wrap your arms around me Let your love surround me Make love to me now like never before. Wrap your arms around me From the day you found me YouŽll never be alone. The nights are so cold, With just your memory to hold IŽve tried to be strong, reaching out holding on. Alone in my bed, I cling to each word you said, Wanting you more everyday weŽre apart And each precious moment is safe in my heart. Chorus Tag mig i din famn/Take me in your arms Hall om mig/Hold me Du är den, bara du/You are the one, only you Jag vill wara hos dig/I want to be with you Vi hör tillsammans/We belong together Vi var sa nära/We were so close Nätterna är sa kalla/The nights are so cold Vill vara hos dig/Want to be with you Saknar dig hur som helst/Miss you anyway Jag vill vara hos dig/I want to be with you Hall om mig, älska mig, älska mig/Hold me, love me, love me Just like the first time IŽm helpless again... Chorus Wrap your arms around me And youŽll never be alone Wrap your arms around me YouŽll never be alone No, youŽll never be alone.


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