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ALL HAIL TO THEE, O BLESSED MORN ! (Swedish Christmas Hymn) (Words by Jo­han Olaf Wal­lin (1814), based on the Ger­man hymn "Var hälsad, skö­na mor­gon­stund" (1621). Trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by Ernst W. Ol­son in 1901. Set to the music "Wie Schön Leucht­et", written in 1599 by Phil­ipp Ni­co­lai.) All hail to thee, O blessed morn To tidings long by prophets borne Hast thou fulfillment given O sacred and immortal day When unto earth, in glorious ray Descends the grace of Heaven Singing, ringing, sounds are blending Praises sending unto Heaven For the Savior to us given 'Tis God's own Image and withal The Son of Man, that mortals all May find in Him a Brother He comes, with peace and love to bide On earth, the erring race to guide And help as could no other Rather gather closer, fonder Sheep that wander, feed and fold them Than let evil powers hold them He tears, like other men, will shed Our sorrows share, and be our aid Through His eternal power The Lord's good will unto us show And mingle in our cup of woe The drops of mercy's shower Dying, buying through His passion Our salvation and to mortals Opening the heavenly portals He comes, for our redemption sent And by His glory Heaven is rent To close upon us never Our blessèd Shepherd He would be Whom we may follow faithfully And be with Him forever Higher, nigher glory winging Praises singing to the Father And His Son, our Lord and Savior


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