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BILL AND SALLY (Bill & Sally 1999) (Sally) Bill get out of bed! There's a burglar in the shed; Someone's making noise and there's a light. William raise your head, Did you hear what I said? Careful now in case they have a knife. (Bill) Sally go to sleep, It's a couple from the street; They had nowhere to go to lay their head. They'd been sleeping on the road, Cos they had no place to go; I told them they could bunk down in the shed. (Sally) Bill get out of bed, There's a crying in the shed; The things you said now sound a little crazy. (Bill) Well they had no kids last night, Least none that were in sight; I guess the woman went and had her baby. (Sally) Bill get out of bed! Did I hear what you said? Are you telling me the woman was in labour? (Bill) Well there was no room inside, With all your rellies and their pride; I was gonna tell you all about it later. (Sally) Bill get out of bed. There's lots of people in the shed Some look rich and some as poor can be See them through the open door Kneeling on the garage floor" Why don't you take them out a steaming pot of tea. (Bill) Sally what's that light? A flame up in the night, Like a laser beam there shining through the mist. Is it something 'bout my sight or something else out there tonight? Just wait 'til I tell young Johnno about this!


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