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BRIGHT LIGHT (Rita MacNeil (m & l)) Rita MacNeil There is a bright light shining tonight Follow that bright star into the night This ancient story, a simple birth Night to remember, peace on earth. There is a manger so far away Gather around Him on this day Hear all the voices, rise now and then Night of our Saviour, teach us again. (bridge) There is a story that never grows old It tells of great hope whenever it's told Glory to heaven, we say tonight Bring into this age, Your lasting light. Let there be singing for all tonight Speak of praises, O Holy Night. NOTES: Lyrics as released by Rita MacNeil 1993 'Once Upon A Christmas'. Rita MacNeil, a Canadian from Big Pond on Cape Breton Island, province of Nova Scotia, Canada composes music and lyrics together spontaneously before recording to tape and has over 200 BMI registrations in 38 years. (Transcribed by David Story - December 2013)


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